»Knowledge and techniques could be learnt from others, but the "Wisdom of Creativity" only comes from personal cultivation.«

One Belt One Road


The "One Belt One Road Initiative" (OBOR) is China's largest infrastructure project of the 21st century. Over 60 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe are becoming connected by land, air and sea. Together with the new free trade agreement RCEP ("Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership"), a new balance of power is emerging in Asia, which also has an impact on Europe. These effects are not just economic. It's also about exchanging ideas and innovations. What many see as a challenge, we see as an opportunity.

Since 2018 we have been helping our customers with these possibilities to successfully refresh their supply chains, to conquer new sales markets, but especially to rethink their Asia strategy.

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Do you still spend money on trainings or are your people already developing their potential?

The multitude of constantly changing demands on employees can no longer be "trained" in the conventional way. Developing potentials results in a multiple of resources that benefit the organization where one often does not expect it.

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Learning and Development



Organisations whose principles are solely focused on actions and results have a manageable life cycle. Organisations that see themselves as a system and whose focus is on reflection are usually able to organise themselves.
How can we make organisations viable?

How can we establish systems in organisations that are not purely an end in themselves, but rather are due to a complexity that serves us more as an opportunity than as a challenge?

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The P&P Academy offers you the possibility of further education to expand your potential fields and strategies.

We start where many trainings end:
The implementation.

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